1. What is the purpose of the questionnaires I am supposed to fill out?
Conducting surveys is contracted to us by marketing agencies exploring public opinion. They help manufacturers of different goods, examine market needs and reaction to their products, gaining the ability to improve quality and adapt it to the customer expectations. So by completing the survey you become very important element of the marketing chain and have a direct impact on how the offer of the market leading manufacturers looks like.

2.Do I need to install any special programs to be able to participate in the surveys? Are any special skills required?
Surveys are designed in a way, that makes the filling process running easy for you. After clicking on the link sent by us, the survey opens with a list of questions – all you need is a web browser and access to the network. The system itself guides you - you give your answer and smoothly move to the next question. Questions appear in different formulas - it can be only one possible answer – in this case you simply select it, there may be more answers at the same time possible – so you select as many of them as indicated by manual, it can be also an option with a variety of preferences, where you are asked to select answers closer to you, finally they may also be open-ended questions, with space to complement the descriptive answers. If you make a mistake or omit an answer, you will receive a clear message to correct it. After finishing the survey you will receive information about whether it was properly filled.

3.Can I fill in the questionnaire only on my computer?
The FullSurveys system is built in the way, so that it is as comfortable as possible for you. Surveys can be completed on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone – you just need to have Internet access on the device you choose and then click the link to the survey, sent to you via email.

4.How do I know that I can participate in the next survey?
All invitations to subsequent surveys are sent by e-mail, just check your mailbox.

5.Will I be able to come back later to the survey, which has already started?
If you turn off the computer, the power goes out or something very important distracts you from your computer, you can return to the questionnaire at any time. The survey is being saved in our database in real time, so after pausing your work and returning, it opens up exactly where you left - just click on the link you received by email. Pay only attention to the closing time of the study you started - if you exceed this term, unfortunately you will not be able to complete your survey.

6.How are the participants selected for each survey?
During the registration, you fill in a short questionnaire, which allows us to get to know you and your preferences. Based on this information we select surveys, you may be interested in. We reward your activity - the more surveys you complete, the more invitations you receive from us.

7.How often will I have the opportunity to participate in future studies?
It is difficult to predict and depends on what kind of respondents we are looking for a particular research. You may be invited many times during one month, it also may happen that you will be invited less frequently.

8.Am I obliged to fill out all surveys to which you invite me?
Absolutely not. We encourage you, of course, to actively participate in research, but this is not obligatory. You decide in which surveys you do want to take part, and in which you are not interested.

9. I didn’t receive any invitation to the survey for a long time, why?
Probably your email provider recognized our notifications as spam, check the appropriate mail folder and change your settings - add admin@cintindex.com to your safe contact e-mail - then it won’t be filtered anymore.

10.What is the number of participants in each study, do all registered fill each time the same surveys?
Our clients entrust us with surveys on various products and services, so while selecting respondents to a particular study, we do follow the information given us during your registration. There are researches dedicated to women, to men, to people of different age groups, etc.

11.I wanted to join the study to which you invited me, but I received notification that the number of participants was exceeded, what does it mean?
For each research, we invite higher number of respondents than actually needed. We must do so, to make sure that we collect the desired amount of data, and unfortunately we cannot predict how many participants actually fill the survey. Other invited respondents this time were faster than you. Do not worry, next time you overtake others.

12.I received an invitation to the survey, but after answering few questions, I received a message that I don’t meet the criteria of the target group, why has this happened?

Respondents are selected for the target groups based on their profile data. Each survey contains however a set of control questions that re-verify, if the participant actually meets the criteria of specific target group. Sometimes, the system assigns a participant to the study, and after a few control questions, it turns out, that it was wrong. Then this particular survey is being discontinued, and you are automatically transferred to another survey, more accurate for you, if we find one at the time in our system.


1.I forgot my password, what should I do?
In the login window you will find a link to automatic password reminder. Click on it – you will get a system message with the password reminder.

2.I try to log in and still get a message that my data are incorrect. What could be the reason?
First of all, make sure of the correctness of the entered data. If they are correct, check on your keyboard if the Caps Lock is on (use of the uppercase and lowercase characters is important). If you still have a problem, try to log in through another browser.

Personal data / data security

1.What does it mean for me to register? Am I obliged to do something?
Registration does not obligate you to do anything - you can - but you do not have to take part in the study we offer you. However, we encourage active participation, so that you can effectively earn more money. If you decide to participate in the survey, your only duty is to provide honest answers.

2.What can you gain by enrolling in the system and what are the benefits of participating in the studies?
The mere fact of registration means that every month you take part in a lottery with cool prizes. Participation in the study is rewarded financially - the amounts are different, depending on the study, every time before you start filling in the questionnaire, you are informed about the amount of gratification.

3.Do the people who analyze the surveys receive my data? Are the results of the survey presented in my profile?
Your data may be used only in order to match an appropriate study with your profile. They are not in any way connected with any of the surveys. The test results are analyzed in format of percentage figures. And every survey is conducted absolutely anonymously.

4.How do I manage my data - username, password, personal information?
You can always change your data, including your password, but you cannot change your login / username. You can manage your account by logging into the panel and following the instructions there.

5.I’ve changed my e-mail – how can I update my e-mail address in your service?
Send us information about the change of email address – at info@FullSurveys.com. We will update your data and you will receive a confirmation of the changes made.

6.Can I retreat after creating an account and participating in several studies?
You can always opt out - delete your account, and we'll remove your data from the database. There is no time related requirement for which you are obliged to keep your account with us. However, after you resign, it will take some time before we can delete your data – we do our best to act quickly, but we do not want to give guarantees without coverage – we are committed to delete all your data in a maximum of 45 working days period from the date of your resignation.

7.How can I delete my account?
Log in and go to the panel with your data. Go to "Your Profile" and then "Update Profile" and click "Delete account".

8.What will happen to my personal information when I close my account?
All your data will be permanently deleted, there will be no sign left in our database.

Rewards and payment

1.How follows the settlement of a completed questionnaire?
To each survey a specific amount of money is assigned as a reward, that you see before deciding whether you want to participate in the study. After completion of the study, we reward each of the respondents. Earned funds go to your account in our system, and after collecting the appropriate amount you can order a transfer to the account indicated by you.

2.Why do I have to wait till a larger amount of money is accumulated, to be able to transfer it to my bank account?
There is large number of respondents registered in the system. Collecting larger amount of money for transfers aims to improve service and funds settlement, which allows us to offer you more attractive salary.

3.When do I get paid?
Each time, you get your salary within 30 working days after sending us back the completed survey.

4.I still didn’t receive my salary for the study, in which I took part. Why?
There are two possibilities - perhaps you have not completed the survey. If you did finish it though, and you have seen a message about the successful completion after submitting it, the system could not calculate the remuneration yet, for the reason that the study is not yet closed - some studies are settled only after meeting a set of questionnaires of all respondents. It never takes longer than 30 days.

5.How will I get my reward, if I delete my account in the system, but there will be still some funds unsettled left?
If you decide to terminate your partnership, we will send you your salary, regardless of its amount. Everything you will need to do is fill in the form indicated. After your resignation, in the period of up to 45 days we will initiate a refund of your money to your bank account.

6.I wanted to transfer the money to my bank account, but after ordering the payment, they never arrived on my account. What happened?

Managing of your withdrawals requires providing valid data for the transfer, including the email address you used when registering in the system. Select the "My account status" and refer payment - Transfer. If you didn’t complete one of the above formalities, the system will not accept payment orders. But if you've done everything as required, you have to be patient and wait. According to the terms and conditions, the time for payment (transfers are made by system, rather than manually, and it happens at a specific time) is 45 days.

For every survey you receive a salary, the rate of which is clearly defined prior to the survey – you decide whether you want to participate. Earned funds accumulate in your account, that is created during your registration in the system, and you transfer it then to your bank account. Soon we will offer another option – you will be able to collect non-cash coupons for selected services and products for the completed studies.