FullSurveys.com Terms and Conditions

§ 1
Glossary of Terms

1. Service Provider - IT Advance Sp. z o.o. ul. Strzelców 1c/3 01-348 Warszawa, XIII Commercial Department, KRS 0000582498, tax ID No. (NIP)  5272748241, Stat. ID No. (REGON) 362814966 The share capital : 36 000 zł
2. Website – Online research platform belonging to the Service Provider, available under the domain FullSurveys.com.
3. Participant - every entity who is a natural person (the consumer or a person not having the status of the Consumer) registered on the Website.
4. User – every entity who is a natural person (the consumer or a person not having the status of the Consumer) browsing the contents of the Website, including the Participant.
5. Consumer - natural person who takes legal action with the Service Provider (contract for the provision of services through the Website) not related directly to its business or professional activity (art. 221 of the Civil Code).
6. Services - all online electronic services provided by the Service Provider to Users and Participants on the basis of these Terms and Conditions, in particular, participation in marketing research and public opinion polls, through the Website.
7. Terms and Conditions - these regulations.
8. Registration - a one-time activity, which consists of the Account set up by the User, using administrative panel provided by the Service Provider on the Website.
9. Service Agreement - agreement concluded on the Website based on the principles of Terms and Conditions, between the Service Provider and Participant, the subject of which is the provision of Services by the Service Provider to the Participant.
10. Newsletter - electronic form of information sent out by e-mail to Users of the Website.

§ 2

1. Terms and Conditions define in particular types and scope of Services, the terms of the provision of electronical services, the conditions for entering and terminating Services Agreements for the provision of electronic services, complaint procedures and the rules for use of the Website.
2. The conclusion of the Services Agreement for the provision of Services and use of the Website requires devices with Internet access, e-mail and web browser which enables the display of web pages.
3. Costs arising from the use of the Internet by the User depend on the price list of telecommunication operator or Internet access service provider, used by the user, and are borne by him personally.
4. The Service Provider can communicate with User, and User with the Service Provider via e-mail (info@FullSurveys.com) or in person and in writing to the address of the Service Provider.
5. Any electronic correspondence sent by the Service Provider is protected by anti-virus and is directed only to a specific User.
1. In order to allow full use of all the capabilities of the Website, the User must register. Registration is voluntary, but it is necessary to conclude the Service Agreement for the provision of services with Service Provider. Registration activities are carried out once. The next steps of the registered User are implemented based on User login by entering email address and password.
2. It is prohibited to people who use the Website (including Users) to post there any illegal content.

§ 3
Rules of participation (conclusion of the Agreement for the provision of services)

1. The Service Agreement is concluded by the User upon the use of any Services offered by the Service Provider, which require the registration or login, in particular Services involving the participation in marketing research and public opinion polls.
2. The use of the Services by the Participant through the Website is entirely voluntary.
3. Participant may be any person who meets the conditions specified in § 2. 2 of the Terms and Conditions, who at the time of Registration has finished 15 years old and lives permanently in Poland. Individuals with limited legal capacity may use any Services via the Website, if the consent of the legal representative has been provided.
4. Registration on the Website is done by filling out the registration form located on the main page, and submitting statements provided by law by checking the appropriate "checkbox" and clicking on the button "Register my account." The Service Provider also allows Registration using Facebook or Google+ profile.
5. Participants completing the Registration form on the Website declares that provided personal data are consistent with the facts.
6. After successful registration, Participant receives from the Service Provider an email containing a link that needs to be clicked in order to confirm and complete the Registration on the Website.
7. Participant receives invitations to participate in surveys via email specified in the registration form. The invitation includes a link to the survey, the expected duration of the survey and information on salary. Assignment of surveys to individual participants is carried out exclusively by the Service Provider based on information provided by the Participant in the procedure of registration and Participants profile on the Website.
8. The Participant receives invitations not more frequently than once every three days, depending on the subject of surveys conducted at the time.

§ 4
Rights and obligations of the Participant

1. The participant commits to actively participate in filling out the questionnaires, which he receives to the e-mail address provided during registration.
2. Participant agrees to provide true and accurate answers to the questions in the survey. Unreliable and inconsistent with the truth answering constitutes a violation of the Terms and Conditions.
3. The Participant has the right to refuse to participate in a survey, to which he was invited. Refusal to participate in three consecutive polls to which Participants received an invitation constitutes a violation of the Terms and Conditions.
4. The Participant receives a salary for a reliable and truthful completion of the survey. The amount of remuneration is given each time in advance, in the invitation to the survey and depends on the number of questions in the survey. According to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions the amount of compensation is automatically added to the Participants account on the Website after completing the questionnaire. The Participant may transfer his money to the indicated bank account after collecting on the Website an amount of minimum 10 EUR. The remuneration is transferred via PayPal.

§ 5

1. Participant has the right to lodge a complaint in matters concerning the performance of the Services.
2. The complaint may be submitted in writing by letter to the address of the Service Provider or via e-mail: info@FullSurveys.com.
1. Before submitting the complaint, it is recommended to contact the Service Provider via e-mail - it will help in accelerating the consideration of the complaint.
2. When submitting a complaint, Service Provider recommends to provide contact data of the Participant and a detailed description of the causes of complaints and requests to the Service Provider.
3. The Service Provider recognizes the complaint within 14 days of its receipt. The Participant will be notified about the result of the complaint procedure by registered letter sent to the address specified in the complaint, or via e-mail sent to the address indicated by the Participant in the registration form.
4. In the procedure of the complaint Service Provider does not provide any possibility of extra-judicial settlement of the dispute.
5. In accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No 524/2013 of 21 May 2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC (Regulation on ODR in consumer disputes), a tool for extrajudicial settlement of the dispute, concerning contractual obligations arising from online sales or service contracts concluded between consumers living in the European Union and the businesses established in the EU is the ODR platform (Online dispute Resolution). It is available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. Settlement of disputes by this method is a free and voluntary.

§ 6
Termination and withdrawal

1. The Service Agreement for the provision of electronic Services may be terminated by either party.
2. At any time Participant has the right to terminate the Service Agreement for the provision of electronic services by sending the resignation to the e-mail of Service Provider (info@FullSurveys.com) or by discontinuing use of the Services.
3. A Participant who is a Consumer (pursuant to Art. 221 of the Civil Code) has the right to withdraw from a distance contract, without giving reasons, making a statement in writing within fourteen days from the date of its conclusion. To comply with the deadline, the statement must be sent before its expiry. The right of withdrawal from a distance contract is not entitled, however, to a consumer in cases of provision of services, if the Service Provider has done full Service upon consent of the Consumer, who has been informed before the provision of the Services started, that after fulfillment of the Services provision by the Service Provider the right to withdraw from the contract will be lost.
4. By way of derogation from the contract the Consumer may use the declaration form set out below, but this is not mandatory.

(This form should be completed and returned just in case you wish to withdraw from the contract)
- Recipient:

IT Advance Sp. z o.o., ul. Strzelców 1c/3, 01-348 Warszawa

e-mail: info@FullSurveys.com

- I / We (*) hereby give notice / announce (*) on my / our withdrawal from the contract of sale of the following things (*) contract for the supply of the following items (*) contract for work consisting in performing the following things (*) / provision of the following services (*)
- Date of the agreement (*) / received (*)
- Name of consumer (s)
- Address of consumer (s)
- Signature of consumer (s) (only if this form is notified on paper)
- Date

1. The declaration of withdrawal should be submitted in writing to the address of the Service Provider, ie. IT Advance Sp. z o.o., ul. Strzelców 1c/3, 01-348 Warszawa, or per e-mail to the following address: info@FullSurveys.com.

2. Participant who does not have the status of Consumer is not entitled to cancel the contract within fourteen days.

3. The Service Provider has the right to terminate the Service Agreement for the provision of electronic services in case of:

4. infringement by the Participant of the Terms and Conditions provisions, after earlier Service Providers request referral to the Participant to cease these violations and the lack of response to the call within 3 days from the date of sending it.
5. placement of content inconsistent with applicable law by the Participant.
6. Participant will be informed about the termination of the Service Agreement by the Service Provider at the latest within 24 hours from the termination.

§ 7
Data protection and privacy

The provisions on the protection of personal data and privacy, and the Newsletter can be found in the "Privacy Policy".

§ 8
Final Provisions

1. In matters not regulated in these Terms and Conditions, apply the provisions of applicable law, including in particular the provisions of the Civil Code and the Act of 18 July 2002 on electronic services and the Act of 30 May 2014 about consumer rights.
2. The Terms and Conditions do not exclude and do not limit any rights of the User, which are granted under the mandatory provisions of law. In case of conflict between the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and the mandatory provisions of law, granting Consumers rights, preference is given to those provisions. The provisions of the agreements less favorable to the Consumer than the provisions of the law on consumer rights, are invalid, and in their place, the provisions of this law apply.
3. Terms and Conditions are available for all Users in the electronic version on the Website FullSurveys.com (tab "Terms and Conditions") and apply in this version since 15 June 2016.
4. Consolidation, security, and sharing of the content of conducted agreement follows by:
5. provision of the Terms and Conditions on the terms specified in § 8. 3 of the Terms and Conditions,
6. Per e-mail